Building your business is our focus.

SyCon is in the business of building and creating successful businesses and leadership teams. We partner with proven management teams to develop a solid framework explicitly designed to meet your long-term goals.

Partners for the SyCon consortium employ best-in-class technologies and processes to maximize performance of their electro-mechanical product and business portfolio.

Our Model

  • Investing for growth in high-performing businesses

  • Supporting existing owners, operators, and management teams and attracting top talent within the industry

  • Support employee ownership throughout the organization

  • Providing unparalleled access to tools and resources to enhance their business

Customer Focus

We are specifically interested in partnering with companies that offer a high level in direct interaction and a customer-centric approach to their operation. Organizations that display a higher level of responsiveness when engaging with customers and emphasize relationship-building typically get preferential consideration.


We understand that companies are more likely to reach their goals when they have access to superior support and resources. At SyCon we provide strategic leadership, advice, and counsel. Additionally, there is ample opportunity to leverage insights by sharing knowledge and best practices within our organization.

Great management teams perform best when employees are truly empowered. To achieve that, we work with the respective management teams to assist them with determining how best to utilize the experience and resources we provide. It is always our intention to customize our approach to the needs of your business based on input from your management team.

We invest in top-performing, small- to mid-sized privately-owned business with a portfolio focus on electro-mechanical technology that house and protect microelectronics that need to operate within the most environmentally challenging and extreme circumstances.

Our businesses deliver unique hermetic packaging and components, cabling and wiring solutions for a broad scope of applications.


  • Sales Coverage and Expansion

  • Strategic Planning & Marketing Analysis

  • Digital Marketing & Lead Generation

  • M&A sourcing, execution, and integration

  • Recruiting Services

  • Research & Development Expertise

  • Introduction to Industry Experts/Executives

  • Access to other business/industry sources

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