Our ideal partner is an entrepreneurial-oriented individual who is interested in partnering with industry leaders, scaling their business, and continuing to focus on successful organic and acquisition-based growth/expansion.

Our partner will not face this new business opportunity alone. They will collaborate with experienced industry partners and investors while developing successful growth strategies and expansion activities.


We take our partner relationships personally. Whether you are seeking to transition out of your business or looking to accelerate growth, as a member of the SyCon consortium, you get a genuine, engaging partnership.

We work closely and collaboratively with you and your management team to build and improve your business and achieve long-term goals.


We strive to be true thought partners for your business while your management is trusted to make day-to-day decisions. As a business leader, you continue to maintain your position concerning operational execution — making significant operational decisions around how you want to build your business while keeping your company’s culture.

Most importantly, together, we’ll build a company that our employees are proud to work for and take joy in providing world-class service to our targeted customers.

The future of your business starts with SyCon

Benefits of Partnering

There are significant benefits to becoming a member of the SyCon Team
Some of these benefits consist of the following:

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